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4-title EP Vinyl – 13:37 mn
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Kompileto Amplifiki-La Rozmariaj Beboj - Sweden - France

Produced Vinilkosmo © 1990
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Vinilkosmo Mini-Compilation with Amplifiki (Sweden-France) and La Rozmariaj Baboj (Toulouse, Occitania-France). Esperanto rock music.

2 titles by each band. Vinilkosmo's first production!

Why Vinilkosmo?
EUROKKA (Esperanto Rock Association) created the Esperanto music label VINILKOSMO with this first 45 RPM compilation.
EUROKKA, through Vinilkosmo, aims to promote and spread Esperanto rock music and Esperanto musical culture throughout the world, by producing records, cassettes, CDs, etc.

Listen to and play Esperanto rock music so that people will hear about Esperanto!

About this vinyl 45 RPM record.
This first release, that launched the Vinilkosmo label, compilates two songs each by two famous Esperanto bands.

Side A of the vinyl record:
- AMPLIFIKI (international pop rock band from France and Sweden).
With Micke Englund from Stockholm, Sweden: gitar.
Marc Sabin from Lyons, France: bass guitar.
Aline Boulet from Paris, France: keyboard and chorus.
Per-Ola Axelson from Stockholm, Sweden: vocals and saxophone.
Isabelle Rome from Paris, France: vocals.
Recorded in Studio Maria Et, Toulouse, France.
Cover graphics: Kruela Devil'.

Side B of the vinyl record:
- La Rozmariaj Beboj (The Rosemay’s Babies, JoMo's rock band in Toulouse, France).
JoMo "Kriglstajn": bass guitar and vocals.
El Rubio  "The Deaf": drums.
Erick " The Crazy Dog ": guitar, violin, and accordion.
Tita " The Yellow": Indian chorus.
The Babies: caveman chorus.

Recorded and arrangements: Marko The Magician, en Studio La Cour des Miracles.
Photos: Yves Barat.
Cover creation and arrangement: Erick " The Crazy Dog ".
Pierre, Julie, and Chloé are the Babies on the cover photo.

Thanks to all those who trusted and helped us with subscriptions, without which this project wouldn't have been possible.

Thanks to:
- Ampifiki and La Rozmariaj Beboj for their investment and generosity in this project.
- The rock bands in Toulouse who practice at the EUROKKA studios, who contributed in so many ways to the release of the record.
- The Bikini and Radio FMR for the possibility to broadcast Esperanto music on the radio during the program "Esperanto-Magazino".

Printing the text leaflets for the vinyl record: Printshop IMP (by the singer of the Kambrones, Puylaurens, France).
Publication: Scalen-Disc, Toulouse, France.

1- Kompileto Amplifiki-La Rozmariaj Beboj

4,17 €

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