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La Perdita Generacio (LPG) - Sweden-Germany

LPG's music style is hard to describe. Despite - or because of - this, LPG has become one of the most famous musical phenomena in Esperanto. It has sometimes been described as progressive. The texts are often deep, sociocritical and ecologically engaged. The music is mainly acoustic with charming, emotional melodies. Although many of the songs are easily sung, the harmonies are often wide, and the range varies from 3 to 5/4ths.

Since 2005 the geographical center of LPG has been Härnösand, on the eastern coast of Sweden, somewhat north of Stockholm, with a satellite in Heidelberg, Germany. Since 2011 the band consists of the four members: Tomas "Tomio" Frejarö, Anna Palmstierna Burenius, Karin Frejarö, and Hendrik "Hendjo" Lönngren.

LPG first appeared in 2003 during the International Esperanto Youth Congress in Sweden. Some of the members also played in a Swedish band with the same name in Swedish: Den Förlorade Generationen. DFG was born in 1995 in Skellefteå, Sweden, and played political folk rock.

The first international LPG concert took place in 2004 during the International Esperanto Youth Congress in Kovrov, Russia. The band then received the award "Most interesting music group". The concert was recorded and published under the title En Rusio, a 7-title CD, Gränslösa Kulturföreningen 2004.

On the release of their first masterpiece Eksenlime (Gränslösa Kulturföreningen 2006), the band became famous among Esperantists. Eksenlime contains well-known songs such as "La kosma aventuro", "Ĉiuj ni amegas Usonon", "Societo de vivantaj poetoj", and "Nia fiera policisto".

During the following years, LPG performed in many different countries: Russia, Germany, Poland, Cuba, Estonia, Slovakia, Austria, France, the Netherlands, etc. Sometimes the band performed in Sweden for non-Esperantist audiences. Many different musicians played under the name LPG. Tomio wrote the bulk of the LPG songs, but none of members ever attended all the group's concerts. So the early LPG should be called a musical community rather than a band.

In 2008 Gränslösa Kulturföreningen and Vinilkosmo set up a system of co-production in order to publish their second album, Eksplodigos vian domon. On this album you can find songs that have become very popular among Esperantists: "Malantaŭen", "Ne normalas, nur kutimas", "Sub fortepiano en Kiev", and not the least, "Amokanto". The final song, "Ĉu timigas la ombro?", was added by Ĵomart kaj Nataŝa to their repertoire.

In the summer of 2011, La Perdita Generacio transformed itself into a more stable quartet: Tomio, Anna, Karin, and Hendjo, who together made a street-music and concert tour in Europe. Until then, LPG was known mainly among young European Esperantists. This changed when they played before a full house during the World Esperanto Congress in Copenhagen, playing a revised version of "La dizertanto", an important song for previous generations of pacifists. During that summer, LPG gave legendary concerts at the Summer Esperanto Sessions (SES) in Slovakia and FESTO in France.

With their third album, Ĉiamen plu, LPG continued its co-production with Vinilkosmo. This album finally appeared in the summer of 2013 after several delays. When it appeared, La Perdita Generacio was already one of the most famous bands among Esperantists. Ĉiamen plu quickly became a success. The adaptation of the classic "La dizertanto", is in it, along with a cosmic "Alia aventuro" (Anna's first song for LPG, of which Eva Fitzelova created LPG's first video), the hit "Plastokanto", the almost endless "Ĉu vi kontentas?" (maybe the longest pop song ever in Esperanto?), and "Televido", a toe-tapping collaboration with French rapper Platano. "Televido" could be titled "Somerfrapo 2013", and "Ĉu vi kontentas?" won and the 2014 jury's and public prize for Song of the Year 2014.

In 2017 LPG performed on Jonny M's latest album Kreaktiva with the song "Alte kaj espere".

In the new year 2018, La Perdita Generacio releases a new digital single La 100a fojo at Vinilkosmo. It only contains two songs, but both are special souvenirs. The A-side, "La 100a fojo", was created as a tribute to the Polish Esperanto Youth radio program Varsovia Vento for its 100th broadcast, since the history of VV and of LPG are closely intertwined. It has already received a Somerfrapo Award and second prize for Song of the Year. The B-side, "Ni unuiĝas je orbitoj", was first a poem written when Karin and Tomio adopted their first child in Zambia. Hendjo wrote the unique music.

After Ĉiamen plu, La Perdita Generacio has become one of the most frequently invited music groups at Esperanto meetings. In addition to concerts, LPG has organized several musical workshops and mass sing-ins of their songs. During its concerts, LPG often presents new songs, but so far the public has waited in vain for a fourth album.

Finally the new digital live album releases in October 2020 :  Ĉiuj ni amegas Usonon (we all love USA).
La Perdita Generacio was invited to Seattle in the United States to perform during the US-Canadian Congress in July 2018. Here is a live album of the concert featuring songs both new and old, both political and sentimental. For the first time also with drums Måns Palmstierna Burenius on stage.

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