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Mozaiko - Kjara – Rimini, Italy

Production Musica di Seta © 2021

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Release of the digital Single on 14 april 2021


Dispersed mosaics are irregular, disparate elements; some are beautiful, some are not so much. Mosaic pieces, when plucked alone, tell nothing. They take on their value and indispensable place only when they, shared in order one after the other, vividly exhibit an unpredictable picture that shows that in the end the many become one. Man is a mosaic, because inside man there are colorful features and a set of aspects and facets. When they are accepted, the result is that they make each person unique, because each is made of many different internal mosaics, sometimes contradictory yet essential, because they are the ones that form what kind of person each person really is.
At the same time, living in a society in which barriers are being set up everywhere, a society in which individualism is at the center, a society in which distrust and fear prevail, it is necessary to rediscover collective sharing, to look and recognize oneself in the expressions, gestures, and feelings of others. This generates a kind of universal mosaic, a kind of great work of art to which everyone contributes, in which there is a place for everyone.

Mozaiko is the new Esperanto song by the Italian songwriter-composer-singer Kjara (Chiara Raggi). The song appears as a single two years after her first album sung in Esperanto (Blua Horizonto, 2019), on the occasion of the day commemorating the death of Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof, the founder of Esperanto.
Text and music are by Kjara, while the Esperanto translation is by Federico Gobbo, professor of interlinguistics and Esperanto at the University of Amsterdam.

In this single is:
singer-songwriter : Chiara Raggi (Kjara)
Translation/adaptation: Federico Gobbo
Arrangement: Chiara Raggi, Massimiliano Rocchetta, Piero Simoncini, and Michele Iaia
Orchestral arrangement: Massimiliano Rocchetta
Artistic production: Chiara Raggi and Massimiliano Rocchetta
Executive production: Musica di Seta

Chiara Raggi
: vocals, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar
Massimiliano Rocchetta
: piano, keyboards Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and Glockenspiel
Dario Chiazzolino
: electric guitar
Piero Simoncini
: electric bass guitar and double bass
Michele Iaia
: drums
With the Rimini Chamber Orchestra directed by Maestro Stefano Pecci

Recorded and mixed by Cristian Bonato at Numeri Recording (Cavallino, RN, Italy)
Kjara’s voice was recorded and mixed by Michele Iaia at Valido Studio (Villa Verucchio, RN, Italy)
Mastering: Max Paparella at Groove Sound Designer (Monteveglio, BO, Italy)

Cover photo: Tamara Casula
Graphics: Francesco Mussoni

Artistic management: Paola Nigrelli
Press office: Chiara Giorgi

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